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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long does the Spring Season run?

Games will begin April 17nd (weather permitting) and end by June 26nd. LLWS tournament teams (if selected) run longer. Practices can begin once teams are drafted. Typically, Coaches will schedule 1-2 indoor batting practices and move outside as soon as the weather breaks. Note: Coach Pitch & Tee Ball start 2 weeks later (1st week of May)

2) When are practices held?

Practice fields/times are reserved by the Manager through our website and can be on any day of the week. The Manager is in charge of scheduling practices. If you are unavailable on a certain day for practice you should inform the Coach of this and they may be able to work around any conflicts.

3) What time are the games?

Weekend games can be held from 10 am - 8 pm. 

Weekday games for Tee-ball and Coach Pitch start at 6 pm.

Weekday games for Intermediate and Senior start at 5:30 pm and 8 pm due to more innings being played in those divisions. 

4) What Days are the games on? 

Below is an outline of how we structure the game schedule. This information depends on how many teams we end up having and may be altered slightly.

  • Tee-Ball and Coach Pitch - You choose Mon/Wed/Sat, Tues/Thurs/Sat, or no preference. You will have two games a week on 2 of those 3 days.
  • Minor - Two games a week. One weekday game on Tuesday or Thursday and one Saturday game.
  • Majors - Two games a week. Monday/Wednesday/Friday
  • Intermediate/Junior - Two games a week. Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  • Senior - Two games a week. Monday thru Friday

5) What Locations are games held?

  • Tee-ball - Shawnee Elementary
  • Coach Pitch - Fox Elementary, and Cheyene Elementary
  • Minor & Major - Seneca Middle School and Macomb Corners
  • Intermediate & Senior - Macomb Corners

6) When are rainouts made up?

Any game canceled due to weather will be made up on a Sunday. Ample time will be given to notify both teams.

7) Are Metal Cleats allowed?

Metal cleats can only be worn in the teenage divisions (Intermediate & Senior).

8) How do I get a refund?

The policy is refunds are given up until 3/1/22. After 3/1/23 it depends on when you are requesting the refund and how much of the registration money the league has spent. It's much easier for us to just say "no refunds after 3/1," which is the policy, but we try to work with our community when and if we can.