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MTLL Code of Conduct


Little League Baseball is constructed to be a safe, fun and competitive experience for youngsters. The program fulfills the promise of these objectives as long as participants at all levels and ages: players, umpires, fans and coaches alike, practice good sportsmanship toward each one another at all times. Positive reinforcement for players, teams, etc. is encouraged and always welcome. Little League is not a place to express negativism toward anyone. Displays of unsportsmanlike conduct, such as abusive language by any participant detract from the quality of the experience of Little League for everyone. Poor sportsmanship is unwanted, unwelcome, unappreciated and will not be tolerated around Little League activities. Once a game has begun; the umpires rule that game, RIGHT OR WRONG. There are published procedures for protesting rules interpretations, but subjective calls may not be questioned. Please limit the expression of any dissatisfaction with the umpiring to a call to the League President ( following the game.